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  1. Who are the participants for the 2021 TeSCA?
  2. TeSCA consists of 2 types of awarding:
    1. TeSCA Digital Adoption of Higher Education: Participants are all universities in Indonesia ranging from universities, institutes, colleges, academies and polytechnics.
    2. TeSCA Digital Creativity Competition: Participants are teams from universities which can consist of student/lecturer/assistant lecturer. The number of team members (including the team leader) is a maximum of 5 people.
  3. Do universities need to register themselves at the TeSCA 2021: Digital Adoption of Higher Education?
    • No. TeSCA 2021 will perform big data analytics through web crawling and repository analytics from ID-REN & PDDIKTI/ Forlap DIKTI.
  4. What should the universities do?
    • Updating the repository data on the website, social media, ID-REN and PDDIKTI/Forlap DIKTI
    • Actively conduct digital activities, such as webinars and digital campaigns with the publication of #TeSCA2021
  5. What is assessed at the TeSCA 2021 Digital Adoption of Higher Education?
    • Those assessed are digital infrastructure, digital services [digital learning], digital innovations and campus collaboration with the education and industry ecosystem (including alumni)
  6. Are there any winners at the TeSCA 2021 Digital Adoption College?
    • No winner at TeSCA 2021 Digital Adoption College
    • All universities will get the Digital Adoption TeSCA level, ranging from 1 star to 5 star (the highest), which is a reference for DIKTI and BAN PT..
  7. What are the requirements for participants who can take part in the TeSCA 2021 Digital Creativity Competition?
    • Team consisting of student/lecturer/assistant lecturer.
    • Registered as a student/lecturer in one of the Universities
    • The number of team members is limited to a maximum of 5 people
    • Participants can come from different universities
  8. How to register to be a participant in the Digital Creativity Competition TeSCA 2021?
    • Register via the website
  9. Is there a time limit for the innovation that will be contested?
    • Yes. The deadline for Digital Creative Innovations that can be included are innovations and creativity that have been initiated since June 1, 2020.
  10. Can 1 digital innovation be included in 2 or more categories?
    • No, each innovation can only participate in 1 category.
  11. What do I need to prepare for the Digital Creativity Competition TeSCA 2021 participants?
    • Participants must prepare:
      1. A statement of authenticity of innovation signed by a higher education institution
      2. Essay Paper (maximum 15 pages)
      3. Video Essay (maximum 5 minutes)
    • Other documents that can be submitted to strengthen innovation (Highly Recommended Evidence):
      1. Evident documents, can be video tutorials, activity videos, manual books and other evident documents
      2. Application/website link
      3. Customer testimonials
  12. If 1 innovation team consists of students from different universities, which universities sign the Innovation Authenticity Letter?
    • The university that should signs it is the team leader’s university
  13. Who in the university has the right to sign the Authenticity of Innovation?
    • Lecturer with a stamp/legitimacy from the department/faculty.