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TeSCA is a program aimed at assisting universities in measuring the utilization of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) through the “ZEN” method developed by Prof. Ir. Nizam, MSc., Ph.D (Head of the Center for Educational Assessment, Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia), Prof. Dr. Richardus Eko Indrajit (Chairman of Aptikom) and Prof. Zainal A. Hasibuan, Ph.D (Deputy Head of National Detiknas).

TeSCA begins with a roadshows to several cities, self-assessment of universities through filling out questionnaires, then passes through the first judging stage, campus visits and ends in the final judging.

The TeSCA ranking is seen from various categories including:

  • National best ranking
  • By region MP3EI
  • By college category (institute, high school, polytechnic, academy)
  • Index scale (3 stars, 2 stars and 1 stars)

TeSCA 2021 is the only one award for universities, which acts as a calibration tool in measuring the implementation of ICT in educational activities. In addition, TeSCA also uses a scientifically proven ZEN assessment method with research indicators that can help universities to prepare long-term ICT implementation plans.